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When many people think about online content, they tend to think about words – writing blog posts, updating web pages, crafting email campaigns and the like. What might not come right to mind is images – photos and videos.

I’m not going to drag out that tired old saying about what a picture is worth, but I will emphasize how important the right photo or video clip can be for your online marketing efforts. “Showing” is almost always a better way to explain or demonstrate something than “telling.”

If you own or operate a business, photography and videography can be enormously powerful tools. Not only can current and prospective customers or clients actually see what it is you’re offering, but you can use images to more effectively demonstrate your expertise. Do you have a unique service or process that would make an interesting video and set you apart from your competition? With the right professional help, it’s easy and cost-effective to produce a short video clip that you can promote on YouTube, Facebook, your website, and other online channels. Use it to entice prospects to contact your business for more information, a live demo, or a special offer.

At The Social Julie, we offer a variety of a la carte and packaged photography and videography services. For example, our Enhanced Full Account Management package includes 50% off a one-hour photography or videography session. We even provide aerial photography and videography to create a unique perspective for businesses that can benefit from offering a view not typically seen by customers or clients.

Studies have shown that a significant percentage of internet users prefer to watch a 30-second video rather than read a paragraph. Photography and videography can help you build your brand better and create a more memorable impression, giving you considerable more bang for your online marketing buck.

To learn more about using images in your online marketing and to take advantage of our springtime specials, please email us via our Contact Form.

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