Can My Business Benefit from a Facebook Group? - The Social Julie

The short answer is “absolutely.” However, many companies and organizations have fallen prey to misunderstanding how a Facebook group works and how it can fit into an overall social media strategy. Some organizations think that a group is the same thing as a page and try to get a Facebook group to provide the same benefits as a page. They end up disappointed, expecting it to be a goldmine of engagement, referral traffic and sales but instead are frustrated by low interest and even lower engagement.

While Facebook pages are beneficial for communicating with a large number of users in the social networking community, they are definitely not the same thing as a group, which can help businesses promote products, support customers, and much more. While pages are designed to be the official profiles for entities, such as celebrities, brands or businesses, Facebook groups are the place for small group communication and for individuals to share common interests and express their opinions. Groups enable people to come together around a common interest to discuss issues, swap tips and recommendations, post photos and share related content.

When you create a group, you can decide whether to make it publicly available for anyone to join, require administrator approval for members to join, or keep it private and by invitation only. As with Facebook pages, new posts by a group are included in the News Feeds of its members and members can interact and share with one another from the group.

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So how can your business or organization benefit from a Facebook group? Here are 3 ways you can utilize this valuable social media platform to promote your business and build customer loyalty:

  1. Drive attention to your business

A Facebook group is created around a central idea or entity, so you can be assured of drawing in only individuals interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, a group is a great place to post a call-to-action, such as registering to receive a newsletter or special offers.

  1. Gain engagement

Use your Facebook group to spark conversations, gather customer opinions, float trial offers, take a poll and answer questions. As more current and potential customers get involved, discussions get started and interest in your business grows.

  1. Build trust – and your customer base

Facebook, like any social media platform, thrives on sharing information and opinions. It is not a place to try to strong-arm consumers or be overtly salesy. Instead, use your group to establish your credibility through thought leadership – that is, provide information about your industry, market, and product or service category that will interest and benefit your group members. They’ll reward you with likes, shares, and business.

Together, Facebook pages and groups provide even more ways for your business or organization to stay connected with your audience and market on Facebook, making you more visible and more attractive to consumers. Of course this, like all good marketing efforts, requires regular and consistent management. Here at The Social Julie we specialize in social media management. We can be your social media partner — implementing, monitoring, and managing your social media campaign and all its elements, including Facebook pages and groups. Give us a call!