Building Relationships With Social Media - The Social Julie

Today, there is a single marketing tool that is, by far, the most powerful available to commercial and retail marketers: social media.

Just a few scant years ago, social media was viewed as the domain of teenagers, sharing gossip, selfies, and idle personal chatter of no real importance. All that has changed. Social media has come of age and it is a powerhouse of potential for reaching an astonishing variety of audiences far and wide. Social media is now the marketing and customer service tool of choice, readily available and immediate.

Image of three people looking at a social media post and wanting to share the information with their friends online.The new rules of engagement
Just as websites are now expected to be credible sources of information about companies, products, and services so, too, are social media outlets. Consumers are increasingly turning to social media early in their purchasing research to scope out their planned purchases and get a better feel for the brands and the pricing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others are the preferred channels consumers use to reach out to favorite companies and brands, relying upon them to provide the kind of information and customer support they’re looking for. Traditional advertising such as television, print, and outdoor no longer have the influence or hold the sway they once did over the purchasing public. Today’s buyers virtually ignore them.

While it’s true that marketers no longer have the influence over buyers they once did just a few, short years ago, the good news is that social media makes it easier than ever to establish a dialog – and a relationship — with potential customers. Social media offers a variety of opportunities for sellers to engage with their target audiences, creating relationships that can increase sales and customer loyalty.

Building profitable relationships
Social media provides marketers with the ability to provide valuable, helpful information throughout the entire marketing and sales cycle to help buyers reach a purchasing decision. Just as important, social media also enables marketers to build more powerful brands by sharing more personal, relatable information that engages with customers and build interest. Posts and pictures of and by employees, behind-the-scenes looks at the business and its operation, online events, special offers, and more all help to build familiarity and an ongoing relationship that creates value for both the customer and the business.

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