The Benefits of Using Facebook Groups for Business - The Social Julie

When social media was in its infancy businesses did not have many choices for getting noticed online. Business professionals could establish a presence on business-oriented platforms such as LinkedIn and that was about it. Facebook put the “social” in social media and was more a gathering spot for teens and young adults. Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, and the host of other social media now available had not yet been conceived.

My, how times have changed.

Today, social media choices are almost endless and it seems like new ones are arriving every day. The venerable platforms, such as Facebook, have evolved and expanded into promotional machines focused on providing myriad ways for individuals and organizations alike to gain visibility. And that brings us to the topic at hand: using one of Facebook’s effective vehicles – Facebook Groups – to promote your business more efficiently.

Wait a minute, you might be thinking, we already have a Facebook page. What’s the difference? The short answer is, plenty.

Think of a standard Facebook page as an introduction being made on the street. Someone has a quick opportunity to see what you look like, learn a few fun facts about you, maybe see some photos you happen to have available. That’s about it.

Facebook Groups, though, is the invitation to the party back at your place. It’s the opportunity for a prospect to meet your friends, engage in conversations with a number of interesting people, and enjoy some little perks that only people who come to your home receive.

Facebook Groups are a great way to build a community of like-minded individuals interested in things associated with the kinds of products, services, and activities a business like yours is involved with. For example, if your company sells outdoor equipment, you could start a Facebook Group around outdoor sports and activities. It gives your business one more way to establish what marketers call “thought leadership” in your market while interacting with both current customers and prospective ones. As you and your company get recognized as an expert in your field and the products or services you offer are viewed as preferable, you’re able to build sales, customer loyalty, and advocacy on your behalf.

The main benefit of a Facebook Group is those relationships you develop. As the Group owner, you get to tailor topics and offers, and the members get peers and mentors who know their stories and can guide them on their journey. With your own Facebook Group, you get a place to be your authentic self and attract your people to you.

Facebook Groups for business provides a number of clear benefits, including:

  • More personal engagement with customers and prospects
  • A place to provide special offers and incentives
  • A way to build visibility and drive member engagement with focused calls-to-action
  • Market research through feedback from polls and conversations
  • Increased customer trust and loyalty through added value

Best of all, starting a Facebook Group costs nothing, except your time and a little effort. If you’d like to learn more about starting a Facebook Group – or you’d like someone to help you with it – contact us here at The Social Julie. We’re always happy to help.