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If you use social media to sell your products and services, you can’t ignore Instagram. One billion people use Instagram every month and 500 million use the platform daily. It’s not just the number of users that make it desirable, it’s who is using it. If your target audience includes young adults or females, Instagram is a must—90 percent of users are younger than 35 and 68 percent are female.

Tips for Selling on Instagram

Now that you know it’s the right platform, how do you use it effectively? Here are three tips to help your brand come to life on Instagram.

Share engaging content

Share engaging content:

The best way to sell on Instagram is to not overtly sell. You need to build an experience around your brand, not be shouting “buy this!” Be thoughtful about the tone you use and aim to be authentic and human. Also, think about how to style your photos so they have a consistent visual quality that supports your brand. You also may consider sharing testimonials or images and videos of customers using your products. Potential buyers respond well to seeing brands make a difference in the lives of real people.

Build brand advocates: woman beauty vlogger recording makeup tutorial

Build brand advocates:

Social media is, well, social! External advocates often have more credibility when it comes to selling, and that’s where social media influencers come in. These are people who have a large following and have built trust in a specific vertical (think beauty, fitness, or fashion). Because their audience already trusts them, they are able to easily inspire their followers to purchase products from brands they promote. As you build your strategy, be sure to find influencers in your niche and start building relationships.

Amplify your posts by using targeted hashtags in captions or comments.

Choose relevant hashtags:

Amplify your posts by using targeted hashtags in captions or comments. Hashtags are a combination of letters and numbers preceded by the # symbol (example: #socialmediamarketing) that make your content discoverable. To determine which hashtags will help increase your brand awareness, study competitors and top influencers. It’s also helpful to think of hashtags like keywords for a search engine—what are your potential customers searching for?

Get Started:

When it comes to using Instagram to engage with your audience, this is just the beginning. You also need to think about how to craft your bio, create highlight albums, use story posts to show off products and share special offers, and perfect your call to action.