LinkedIn Trends for 2020 and Beyond - The Social Julie

LinkedIn is more than a place to find a new job. When used strategically, LinkedIn can be a powerful lead generation tool. With more than 500 million registered users, and over half of those users signing in at least once a month, LinkedIn shouldn’t be ignored. If your company is B2B, then LinkedIn is even more crucial to your marketing strategy, with many companies reporting upwards of 80% of socially-generated B2B leads coming from LinkedIn.

Four Trends that Will Help Your Company Compete

If investing in LinkedIn is part of your 2020 marketing plan, here are four trends you should know about that will help you make the most of this popular platform.

  1. Up Your Social Media Advertising Game on LinkedIn
    From sponsored content to video ads to dynamic ads that allow you to personalize content based on each professional’s data like photo and job title, LinkedIn has upped the game around social media advertising. One trend poised to take off in 2020 is LinkedIn’s retargeting ads. With their new Matched Audiences Tool, LinkedIn allows you to retarget visitors that have previously visited your website. Since millions of LinkedIn users are executives, managers, or decision-makers, this is an audience you want to be in front of.
  2. Utilize LinkedIn InMail
    Last year saw a significant increase in companies using LinkedIn InMail to great success, with LinkedIn reporting that InMail response rates are 3x better than traditional emails. With it, you can directly reach out and contact any of the users on LinkedIn with targeted messages and a single call-to-action. Best of all, LinkedIn shares measurement stats so you can see what roles are taking action with your content.
  3. Create and Share Valuable Content
    Content is king and that’s a trend that will never go out of style. The type of content that will help you increase your reach and build brand awareness includes blog posts, industry news and research, how-to lists, and company updates. Video is a relatively new feature for LinkedIn, but it’s here to stay and companies that do it well are finding it helps build relationships. Regardless of what you share, be sure to engage with people who comment on your posts and keep the conversation going.
  4. Test-drive LinkedIn’s Document Sharing Feature
    This newer feature lets you upload documents such as PDFs, PPTs, or Word documents to organic LinkedIn posts from your company page. When that post appears in the feed, a viewer sees the document name, number of pages, and cover page. Many marketers are reporting incredible organic reach with this feature, possibly because it’s newer and LinkedIn’s algorithms are working to promote this type of content.

An Important Part of a Your Overall Social Media Marketing Strategy

Trends come and go, but using LinkedIn as part of your ever-growing social media marketing strategy should be here to stay. If you want to learn more about how to use LinkedIn to grow your business, contact us!