What You Need to Know About The Google Guarantee - The Social Julie

All small and mid-sized businesses know the power that Google holds over your marketing — and your bottom line. Where you rank in search results translates to dollars. Your Google My Business information is today’s phone directory. And now, enter the next game-changer: the Google Guaranteed badge. 

If you’re not familiar with the new Google Guarantee certification you should be. Here are answers to the top questions we’re getting about the program.

What is the Google Guarantee? 

The certification is positioned as an “upgraded profile” in Google My Business that comes with a badge. According to Google, the badge is available to businesses that pass a Google screening and qualification process. If you pass and are granted the guarantee, any unhappy customers that came to your business via Google can apply for a $2,000 refund. 

How does it work?

Assuming your company meets eligibility requirements (and you pay $50/month) a green checkmark badge would appear next to your company when it comes up in a search result. 

How will this help my small business? 

While Google isn’t guaranteeing the badge will give small businesses any success, it’s easy to see how the icon could help your business get noticed and generate inbound interest over competitors that don’t have it. Those that are “Google approved” also will likely take higher priority in search listings, meaning your business could be listed as a result before competitors who are not approved.

How do I get started? 

There are three steps to becoming a Google Guaranteed business: 

  1. Sign up for local services ads
  2. Get a background check through Google’s screening process 
  3. Keep your information updated (if you open a new location or hire new service employees) 

Another Way to Reach Your Audience and Provide Peace of Mind 

Google is critical to many small businesses for local advertising. That’s why this monthly subscription-based play by Google isn’t really surprising. It’s another way to ensure small and mid-sized businesses rely on Google, even if they don’t pay for traditional Google Ads. Plus, profile competitor Yelp offers paid profile upgrades as well, so it was just a matter of time. 

So far, Google Guarantee is mainly popular in the home services category – think lawn care, plumbing, carpenters, maid services, and electricians. Which makes sense as those are industries where homeowners want peace of mind before hiring. Professional services – accountants, lawyers, hairdressers – likely won’t be far behind. 

If you want to learn more about using Google to enhance your local advertising, contact the experts at The Social Julie. We can help you navigate the path to getting Google Guaranteed – or with your other local advertising and optimization needs.