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Many small and mid-sized business owners are ready to put 2020 behind them. As you look to plan for 2021, it’s important to consider what shifts could carry over from 2020 as well as what new consumer trends are on the horizon — and what impact they both will have on social media planning. Here are the top three social media trends to watch for in 2021:

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#1: Socially-conscious buyers:

From the pandemic to numerous natural disasters to social issues taken up in the streets, 2020 has seen a fair share of events. It also has seen many people step up, wanting to make a difference through donations and volunteer efforts. Consumers today are socially aware and want to align with brands who have similar values and support real causes they mutually care about.


#2: Less fake news, more transparency:

Some call it digital disinformation, but the rise of fake news was certainly an unwelcome trend in 2020. The impact of which has many social media users leery of what they read online. Consumers want to know they are getting real information from brands they can trust.

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#3: Personalized content:

While social is a one-to-many marketing tactic, users are expecting one-on-one conversations. They want to be connected with brands through genuine engagement — and connected consumers are much more likely to like, comment, and share your content and amplify your messages.

Converting Trends into Tactics

What do these trends mean for your social media marketing plan? Here are some ideas to help translate trends into tactics:

Use social commerce.

Not only do shoppers believe social media helps them make shopping decisions, but the U.S. Department of Commerce shared statistics that said social media’s share of total U.S. retail sales skyrocketed in 2020. Make 2021 the year you get good at selling directly from your social media posts.

Use content thoughtfully.

Use social posts to help shorten the sales process with content that helps buyers move from evaluation to decision. Think about generating content that uses social proof — customers saying or showcasing that your service and products are the best. Also, always be on the lookout for authentic ways to share your values and the organizations your company supports.

Use chat and live-streaming on your video channels.

Both chat and live streaming offer more of those personalized, one-to-one relationship-building opportunities that many social users crave. For chat, be ready to reply in a timely manner. For live streaming, consider adding new content such as product launches, Q&A sessions, or taking your users behind the scenes at your business.

Doing social media well is a trend that will never go out of style.

At The Social Julie, we’re ready to help you create a sophisticated social media marketing plan for 2021 and connect with today’s users. Contact us to get started.