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Today, social media is much more than just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and a host of others offer a breathtaking variety of opportunities to promote your business and build your brand. Do you know where to start?

The Social Julie provides full-service, personalized social media account management for businesses, enabling companies like yours to focus on what you do best while an experienced social media specialist manages and maintains your social media presence.


Are you willing to implement social media, but you need support to start and maintain your accounts?

The Social Julie Consultation services help you build a strategy for social media success! Let us help you identify the correct platforms to use, target your audience, and measure your return on investment.


Does your business have an incredible team and willingness to learn about social media?

The Social Julie will provide one on one training for your company on one or multiple social media sites. Each training is focused on specific social media sites and how you can effectively utilize them. The trainings are intended to assist your business with both new and existing social media sites.


If you are able to manage your social media, but do not have consistent time to create content, TSJ can help you! The content created for your company is unique and original. High quality photography, video, and graphics are used to deliver your business brand to your audience. We use a variety of techniques to capture your brand, including drone technology to acquire aerial stills and video.

During our status meetings, you will approve of the content before it hits your social sites, so you remain in control of your brand.


TSJ can create a responsive website for your business or update your existing site. The talented team of graphic designers and website developers work together to create visually appealing, easy to navigate websites.


We create custom, original content for social media and websites!